I made a thing in Godot


WASD - movement

SPACE - shoot

E - pick up item

Q - use potion

Unfortunately I could not test Linux and Mac versions and it looks like there are some pretty major problems with a Linux one


linux.zip 34 MB
mac.zip 35 MB
win.rar 27 MB


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Web-version runs smoothly now. There is a lot of potential in this game, I am curious to see how it will evolve :)

Lighting fix made browser version all choppy. I removed it from there but it's still included in stand alone version.

I like the combat mechanics with direct hits. It was fun to try different weapons.

I recommend downloading the game, as it was very laggy in the browser for me, but the desktop app worked with high FPS. 

I ran it in Linux. Unfortunately, it crashes often: when I die or use a potion, it gives segmentation fault. Also, the fog of war is smaller than my screen, so I can see further than 2000 pixels.


Thanks for your comment.  I only tested the Windows and Web versions. I should probably add that to a description.  And regarding the fog of war problem I think I know what caused I'll probably fix  that tomorrow. 

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I think I fixed the lighting problem.  And it might actually run better on Linux now. Looks first time around  like I accidentally uploaded an old build

And the browser version should also run more smothly. I exported a debug version the first around